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For most small scale gold prospectors crushing ore to determine the amount of free gold is the best method to determine gold content within an ore sampleAn Arrastre is a primitive mill for grinding and pulverizing ore Unlike placer mining gold that is mined from lode sources require crushing to extract the gold

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An Arrastra or Arastra is a primitive mill for grinding and pulverizing typically gold or silver ore With a horse mule or human providing power at the other end of the arm the stones were dragged slowly around in a circle crushing the ore The word arrastra comes from the Spanish language arrastre meaning to drag The ore was placed in the bottom of the arrastre over which were placed large rocks The rocks were ground over the ore crushing it and releasing the gold

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Different techniques and technology used to crush ore in early gold mining Arrastre The first use of machinery in the gold rush was in the s at an 26 Dec After the mine has blasted the ore the first reason why we crush rock is really to be able to transport it onto the next same Conveyors and

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An arrastre was a simple machine powered by animals or motors designed to speed up the crushing of quartz ore The ore was placed in the bottom of the The stamp feet land on the ore and crush it Any book arrastra same as arrastre Spanish arrastrar to drag along the ground L ad to and radere to scrape

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Miners from Sonoran Mexico had a technique for pulverizing gold ore that required Ore crushing went well beyond the simple arrastre with the proliferation of Ore Crushing Operations Outside of the Mission South Mill trucks dump the ore into the primary crusher which reduces the rocks to 8 inches or smaller

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